Jean Pierre

In honor of founder and grandfather Jean-Pierre Koopman, this strong traditional blond was brewed. Thanks in part to the citra-hop, this beer received its refreshing citrus notes with a full head of foam. A soft mint freshness evolves in a very soft bittersweetness that makes you want more. The full body with its soft bitterness ensures that this beer can be enjoyed both as an aperitif and ideally with all kinds of fresh salads.


This super lager owes its name to the mascot of the brewery & the brewmaster. Soft taste, low alcoholic, unfiltered but full of character! This beer was deliberately not pasteurized or filtered and brewed just like the way before the industrialization of lager beer. The beer got a low fermentation, but with refermentation in the bottle that helps to preserve the character for a longer period of time. Like our four-legged friends, this beer remains faithful to brewing tradition forever and offers the ultimate refreshment!